Choosing the Best Color for your Braces

With the average treatment length for braces lasting between 12-24 months, finding a color of braces that you like is extremely important. If clear braces are too plain for you, orthodontists typically offer a wide range of color options you can choose from for your metal braces. If you can’t decide on the right color for your braces, check out some of these tips and make sure to consult with your orthodontist for more information. 

Metal Braces Color Options

Braces are becoming more and more customizable as we are in such a modern era of orthodontics. With one of the main customizable features of braces being color, orthodontists typically have an extremely wide range of color options at your disposal. If the color can be found on the rainbow, your orthodontist likely has some shade of it in stock. You can even get creative with the colors you choose by mixing and matching colors from your list of options!

How to Choose the “Right” Color Braces

We understand that choosing the “right” color of braces can be stressful, but ultimately it is pure preference. Whether you want to choose your favorite color, look festive, or match your favorite sports team, there is no wrong answer. Additionally, since you will likely have your wires tightened whenever you visit your orthodontist, you can choose new colors at each appointment. 

What Color Braces Make Teeth Look Whiter?

Outside of picking your favorite color for your braces, a common theme we see is patients wanting to make sure their teeth are looking as white as possible. Still keeping dental hygiene at the forefront of your mind, there are a few ways to make your teeth appear whiter by choosing certain braces colors. Darker colors such as purple, blue and black contrast against the color of your teeth and make them appear whiter. 

Customize Your Braces with Frey Orthodontics

Frey offers both metal and clear braces customized to your preferences and situation. Schedule a free consultation and visit us in either our Naperville or Algonquin office to learn more about recommended treatment options for you.