Cleaning Braces With a Waterpik

Taking good care of your teeth can sometimes be challenging when you have braces, and here at Frey Orthodontics, we believe that an excellent oral hygiene routine is a big part of successful treatment. Fortunately there are tools that can help make this an easier process, and one of our favorites is an oral irrigator, such as a Waterpik. While a Waterpik is not a replacement for brushing or flossing, adding this to your routine will ensure your teeth are as clean and free of debris as possible.  In this guide we will cover: 

  • What is a Waterpik? 
  • The benefits of using a water flosser for braces 
  • How to clean braces with a waterpik 
  • Which Waterpik is right for you?

What is a Waterpik? 

A Waterpik is a type of water flosser designed for dental care at home. This device releases a stream of water into the mouth using an optimal combination of pressure and pulsation. This targeted stream of water removes plaque, food particles, and bacteria, and the pulsating action stimulates gum tissue for an added health benefit. Although the sizes and features vary, all Waterpik water flossers include a motor with a pump, a water reservoir, and a special water flosser tip.

Waterpik flossers meant for braces come with a special orthodontic tip, an innovative tapered brush designed to remove hard-to-reach plaque around brackets and wires. It should be replaced every three months, about as often as you should be replacing your toothbrush.

The Benefits of Using a Water Flosser for Braces  

Waterpiks use pressure, pulsation, and a specially designed orthodontic tip to remove plaque and trapped food particles from brackets and wires that may be difficult to reach otherwise. Simultaneously, the waterpik will massage and stimulate your gums to improve circulation. By adding only one minute of water flossing to your oral hygiene routine, you will gain extra assurance that you’re eliminating plaque as best as you possibly can and help avoid stained teeth once your braces are removed. 

How to Clean Braces with a Waterpik 

Although it may be tricky at first, it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Here are the steps to follow when using a Waterpik to clean your braces:

  1. Fill your water flosser’s reservoir with lukewarm water and place it firmly on the base
  2. Insert the flosser tip amd click into the handle 
  3. Adjust the pressure control (start at a low pressure), then lean over the sink and place the tip into your mouth
  4. Turn on the machine and close lips to prevent spilling, let water flow from the mouth into the sink 
  5. Begin with the back teeth, aim the tip toward the gum line. Pause and lightly brush the area between the teeth and circle around the orthodontic bracket or appliance 
  6. Move on the next tooth and repeat 

By cleaning your braces with a Waterpik you will be able to maintain healthy and clean gums during the duration of your orthodontic treatment. 

Which Waterpik is Right for You? 

Waterpiks include multiple designs for your convenience, including cordless, travel, countertop, and kid’s designs. When it comes to using a Waterpik with braces, it is more about using the correct orthodontic tip than the tool itself, so find a model that fits your needs. Here are some of our favorites: 

Aquarius Professional WP-670: one of the most advanced water flossers available, the Aquarius includes on/off water control on the handle, an LED information panel, seven tips, a one minute timer with a 30-second pacer, and new pulse-modulation technology to provide maximum plaque removal in Floss Mode and enhanced gum stimulation in Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode

Water Flosser For Kids WP-260: for children ages six and above, this flosser features an extra safe, kid-proof electrical design, easy fingertip controls on the On/Off switch and the Pressure Control System, a reservoir that can be used as a cover to keep the unit clean, all covered under a two-year warranty

Traveler Water Flosser WP-300: with a compact design that is ideal for smaller bathrooms and travel, this model also features global voltage compatibility for easy use in any country around the world, four tips, a pressure control system, and a premium travel case is included

When used correctly, Waterpiks can be a great addition to your regular daily dental routine. For patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, water flossers may provide additional benefits that regular brushing and flossing cannot. Just make sure you are using your Waterpik with dental floss, and not in place of it

Sparkling Smiles With Frey Orthodontics

If you are in the Algonquin, Naperville, or surrounding areas and want more information on how Waterpiks can help keep your braces and teeth squeaky clean, or for recommendations for a water flosser based on your particular needs, get in touch with us today! Dr. Frey and the rest of our skilled staff are here to help you achieve a straight, sparkling smile you want to show off to the world!