Cleaning Braces With a Waterpik

Getting the smile you want is often a long-term commitment and can take up to a couple of years. Initially, many people experience difficulty when it comes to maintaining their teeth with braces. Here we’ll go over how to use a waterpik to maintain healthy and clean gums while you have your braces on!

Establishing a good oral hygiene routine can help anyone prevent common dental problems, however it is especially important if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment like braces. The ability for plaque accumulation is much more common with braces on and can irritate your gums. This may lead to teeth bleeding and gum disease if not taken care of properly. 

Why Floss With Braces On?

Establishing a good dental hygiene routine involves more than just brushing your teeth. While brushing is an excellent way to keep your teeth clean and remove dental plaque, it isn’t enough to maintain healthy teeth and prevent gum disease, especially if you wear braces. By adding flossing into your daily routine you will be able to lift and remove plaque and food from areas that your toothbrush cannot reach. 

Flossing with braces can be difficult, but you may find an alternative to be extremely effective and easy — a Waterpik. A Waterpik is a brand of water flosser that sprays water to remove food from between your teeth and is an easy and effective way to remove plaque around dental braces and improve gum health.

How to Clean Braces With a Waterpik 

Although it may be tricky at first, it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. 

Here are the steps to follow when using a Waterpik to clean your braces:

  1. Fill your water flosser’s reservoir with lukewarm water and place it firmly on the base
  2. Insert the flosser tip 
  3. Adjust the pressure control (start at a low pressure), lean over the sink and place the tip into your mouth
  4. Turn on the machine and close lips to prevent spilling, let water flow from the mouth into the sink 
  5. Begin with the back teeth, aim the tip at the gum line. Lightly brush the area between the teeth and all around the orthodontic bracket or appliance 
  6. Move on the next tooth and repeat 

By cleaning your braces with a Waterpik you will be able to maintain healthy and clean gums during the duration of your orthodontic treatment. 

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