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About our ortho technology

Our Modern Techniques

Dr. Frey has exceptional experience treating very difficult cases and can often offer treatment options not available in most orthodontic practices. At Frey Orthodontics’ state-of-the-art facility, our expert staff uses the latest technologies to provide high-quality care with options that suit your busy lifestyle.

Learn More About Our Dental Technology

If you want a future to smile about…you’re in the right place. We are making orthodontics faster, easier, and more comfortable than anything you’ve ever experienced.

AcceleDent Aura

Patients ask us almost everyday, “Is there any way to reduce the amount of time I have to wear braces?” At Frey Orthodontics, the answer is YES there is! We are one of the few orthodontists that offer this exciting technology called AcceleDent Aura. Now, you can speed your tooth movement by up to 50%! Find out more here.

Lythos Intraoral Scanner

Hate Impressions? Our new digital scanning technology can create custom braces or appliances for you without impressions.


We call it “Custom Smile Design.” This highly engineered system of braces is custom made from 3D digital scans of the teeth and CAD/CAM treatment planning software. This system of “fast braces” utilizes the best of computer and manufacturing technology to improve efficiency of tooth movements. The end result, it can reduce your overall treatment time by up to 37% and the number of visits to the office by 25%.


Temporary Anchorage Devices can be incorporated into your treatment plan to help move your teeth in ways that are impossible with braces alone. Dr. Frey is an expert in the use of TAD’s to close implant spaces, upright molars without braces, correct crooked smiles, and even provide surgical movements without the need for invasive surgery.


Soft tissue sometimes covers the erupting teeth and prevents proper bracket placement. We use approved intra-oral diode lasers to gently contour the gum tissue to it’s ideal position, reducing the time needed to wait for tooth eruption and improving the appearance and shape of the gum tissue.

Self-Ligating Brackets

These are low-force, low-friction braces which allow faster, more gently alignment of the teeth. When used with our high tech arch wires, teeth align more quickly and with greater comfort.

Indirect Bonding

We use this extremely accurate method of placing the brackets on your teeth—greatly improving bracket positioning and tooth alignment.

Digital Systems

Our digital x-rays, photos, and models ensure that your treatment plan is accurate and custom tailored to your needs. Digital x-rays offer the convenience of significantly less radiation, instant viewing, enhanced image quality and the ability to quickly collaborate with your dentist.

Appointment Reminder System

Our electronic scheduling system will send you a text message or email appointment reminder of your upcoming appointment.

Paperless Office

Our digital records and treatment notes allow us to effectively track treatments progress and time and collaborate efficiently with your other health care providers.

Patient Rewards Card

Everyone needs a little encouragement. We will be your cheerleader. Earn rewards points for everything from online games and contests to good hygiene and regular dental check ups. Redeem your points for gift cards at over 200 stores. Kids and adults both love FreyOrtho Rewards.