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Fewer Office Visits


We're among an elite group of practices across the US offering you SureSmile.

Fewer Office Visits & Superior Results

SureSmile gives Dr. Frey a detailed 3D computer model of your teeth, helping him precisely plot your individual tooth movement.

This isn’t like conventional orthodontics, relying on plaster models and bending wires by hand.

Dr. Frey will place your teeth in their optimal positions on the computer and then order a custom wire that's bent robotically to within 50 microns of your prescription.

This means your new smile takes fewer office visits and superior results.

Most of our SureSmile patients finish treatment and begin enjoying the smile they have always wanted in about 12-14 months.

Braces Vs. SureSmile

The SureSmile Difference

In traditional orthodontics, doctors bend wires manually to move teeth to their desired position.

This can result in round-tripping, where the bends in the metal are too small or too great and need to be adjusted at later visits.

Even high tech self-ligating brackets are prone to such issues. Using the SureSmile system, we precisely position your teeth with the minimum amount of movement necessary.

This gives you fewer office visits, less discomfort, and a shorter time in treatment when compared to the traditional methods.

Benefits of SureSmile

  • Up to 40% less time in braces
  • More precise smile
  • Fewer visits to our office
  • Customized treatment gives you your ideal smile