5 Dental Hygiene Tips to Prevent Cavities in Children

One of the most common dental problems in toddlers and children are cavities. Cavities, also occasionally referred to as dental caries (though there are differences between the two), are permanently damaged areas of a tooth that decay, creating tiny holes. Cavities can originate from a variety of different causes. Oral bacteria, sugary drinks or foods and lack of dental hygiene are all common causes that lead up to cavities if not taken care of properly.  

Cavity prevention is a crucial practice for children when it comes to dental hygiene. It is better to avoid cavities instead of dealing with them after it’s too late. Here are some tips that will help prevent cavities in children. 

Stay on Top of Routine Dental Care

Implementing a daily dental care routine from a young age should be one of the top priorities for parents who want to avoid paying for cavity care. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day will certainly put your child on the right track towards cavity prevention. Using fluoride toothpaste for around 2 minutes per brush is recommended by dental care professionals. This will help remove food, plaque and anything else that is not healthy for your teeth. 

Refrain from Sharing Food or Drink

Did you know cavities can actually be contagious? Oral bacteria can be passed between people, on foods or through drinks. For this reason, we strongly advise you to teach your child not to share food or drink with others. Teaching your children this may be difficult at first but this tip will help fight against avoidable cavity spreading. Stopping the spread of germs in our current public health climate is an added bonus for reinforcing good habits at a young age!

Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

Visiting the dentist regularly is highly recommended. A good time to start taking your child to the dentist is when their first tooth arrives. Having professional dental help in preventing cavities and other problems that may arise is important for children. Be on the lookout for local dentists in your area and consult your dentist after your first appointment to understand how frequent to visit.

Limit Sugar Intake

Excessive snacking on sugary foods or drinks can lead to cavities. Doing your best to limit candy, soda and other high sugar foods will help prevent the breakdown of the teeth. Finding alternatives to these foods at an early age can be beneficial in the battle against cavities. After snacking on any foods, especially sugary ones, make sure your child knows to brush their teeth well. 

Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Drinking plenty of water daily is good for your childs’ dental and overall health. Some water contains fluoride which is something dental professionals use to keep your teeth healthy. Water is a great natural cavity prevention source that does not take much effort to implement into a daily routine. 

Take Care of your Smile with Frey Orthodontics

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