Choosing an Orthodontist

Are you in the process of trying to find an orthodontist for your kids to get braces? Are you an adult considering orthodontic treatment for yourself? If you’re struggling to find the best orthodontic clinic for you and your family, we’re here to help. While different individuals and families may prioritize different factors, here are some things that we recommend you consider before picking an orthodontist. 

Factors To Consider

Experience: Becoming an orthodontist is no easy task. Typically, it can take up to 10 years before an individual is certified and licensed to practice. Education isn’t enough though. Make sure the orthodontist you’re considering is reputable and has been treating patients long enough to have built up a solid reputation.

Office Location: Finding a good orthodontist office near you can be tricky, but provides the most convenience for you and your family. Having an orthodontic clinic near you saves time and is ideal in case of emergency. 

Treatment Costs: Knowing certain orthodontic treatment costs can be a deciding factor for some families during their orthodontist search. During your initial consultation or research phase, make sure to ask how much specific treatments typically cost at the clinic. 

Accepted Dental Insurance: Figuring out what insurance is accepted at an orthodontist is only a phone call away. While easy, this step is a key consideration when finding an orthodontist that aligns—no pun intended—with your needs. 

What Makes One Orthodontic Clinic Better Than Another?

Office Environment: A warm and friendly office environment can go a long way. Many patients can be intimidated and worried about their trips to the orthodontist. Finding a clinic that goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcomed can significantly enhance your treatment experience.

Free Consultations & Availability: Having the ability to schedule a free consultation can allow you to learn more about the services and experience you can expect without committing. Finding an orthodontic clinic that takes the time to sit down with you and genuinely cares about your orthodontic journey is extremely important to the success of your treatment experience. 

Reputation of Orthodontist: A great way to learn more about any business is to look at their reviews. Looking at a company’s Google reviews not only reflects how they are rated, but also how responsive they are to feedback. 

Technology & Treatment options: Learning whether an orthodontic clinic is keeping up with modern medical technology and orthodontic treatment options can significantly influence your decision in who to visit. Finding an orthodontic clinic that offers multiple, customizable treatment plans can ensure that you’re receiving the best care for your unique circumstance. 

Choosing Frey Orthodontics For All Your Orthodontic Needs

When it comes to finding the best possible orthodontic care for you, some clinics are good, but only one stands out as great: Frey Orthodontics will walk with you through your orthodontic journey, from your free consultation, through the end of your treatment, working to ensure your comfort and safety each step of the way. 

Ready to take the next step? Contact Frey Orthodontics today for a free consultation at either of our warm and welcoming locations in Naperville and Algonquin.