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There are many qualified orthodontists to choose from in our area, but there are also many differences you should look into before choosing your orthodontist. These are the “Top 5” things you should know and consider before starting treatment.

1. Does The Orthodontist Employ Modern Technology and the Latest Techniques?

Orthodontics is much more than improving smiles and straightening teeth. Each patient is a unique case that requires an individual treatment plan. Today’s orthodontics have changed with technology that’s always improving. Ask the orthodontist about types of technology they employ and why it can benefit you. Also ask the orthodontist to explain the differences between old orthodontic techniques vs. the latest, modern techniques.

2. Is the Staff Friendly and Positive?

Try this; when you walk into an orthodontists office for the first time, talk with the staff and ask questions about the practice. Do you feel welcome and at ease? Does the office staff seem happy, warm, approachable and friendly? The attitude of the orthodontist’s staff can offer some very real insight as to what kind of experience you might expect as a patient.

3. Is the Atmosphere Accommodating and Modern?

Ask to look around the office when you visit an orthodontist. Are the facilities clean, professional, modern? Does it offer amenities or comforts you might expect to find only at home? Is there fresh coffee and bottled water available? Snacks? TV? Entertainment for the kids? Remember, you may be visiting this office for a couple of years, so make sure it exceeds your expectations and is a place that offers you and your family an accommodating experience.

4. Are You Comfortable and Confident with the Orthodontist?

How did you feel when you first met the orthodontist? Was he/she confident and compassionate? Were they experienced and knowledgeable? Did you feel sales pressure? Do you trust them?
Here’s a checklist. Did the orthodontist…
…answer questions thoroughly and patiently?
…clearly explain the details of the treatment plan?
…seem friendly, warm, knowledgable and compassionate?
…work well as a team with the staff?
…have many years of experience?
…employ the latest technology and technique?
…make continued education a priority?
…make you feel pressured to begin treatment? (if this is the case, RUN!)

5. Does The Orthodontist Have Great Online Reviews?

Today people will quickly share their experiences online via numerous social media networks. Make sure you spend a little time on the internet to find out more about an orthodontist before committing to a treatment plan. Read patient reviews and patient testimonials that can only be found outside of their own website. See if what an orthodontist says about themselves measures up to what actual people are saying about them. They can tell you a lot about what kind of experience and/or results you can expect.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]