Can You Get Braces With Baby Teeth?

Did you know that most orthopedic professionals recommended getting an orthodontic evaluation by the time a child turns seven? According to the Mayo Clinic, the majority of orthodontic treatments begin once most of a child’s adult teeth have grown in, typically between the ages of eight and 14. With that being said, many parents wonder if it’s possible to get braces with baby teeth. So how do age and braces relate to each other? Here, we’ll answer that question and discuss the best age to get braces.  

Baby Teeth and Braces

We’re often asked if a child can get braces while they still have baby teeth. The short answer here is yes. While it’s more common for younger patients to wait for most of their permanent teeth to come in before braces, getting braces with a mixture of baby and adult teeth is a viable option. After all, there’s no risk in seeing an orthodontist early, but there can be consequences if you wait too long for treatment.

So, yes, a child can get braces while they still have some baby teeth. However, it’s important to note that all dental needs and situations vary between patients. Consulting with your orthodontist early and often will lead to the best outcome for your child. 

What Age Can You Get Braces?

There’s no age limit to getting braces. As mentioned before, treatment typically starts between ages 8–14. Frey Orthodontics has braces treatment options for both adults and children available. While there may be circumstances in which a patient is too young for braces, it is rarely the case that you are too old for orthodontic treatment. We  look into many different variables and factors when considering personalized treatment for our patients, but age is rarely a deciding factor. 

Is There A Best Age to Get Braces?

Braces are typically first seen in kids aged 8–14, but as we mentioned above, not all dental situations are the same.   While there’s no universal age considered the best to get braces, one thing we recommend at Frey Orthodontics is to not let dental problems go untreated for long periods of time. If dental health or alignment problems are left untreated, it may be more difficult to correct later on down the road. The best time to address misalignment issues with braces is generally when your child’s jaw structure is still growing and developing.

Take Care of Your Smile With Frey Orthodontics

Waiting too long for orthodontic treatment can lead to long-term misalignment issues and a more difficult treatment process. There’s no risk in getting seen early—and no cost too! Here at Frey Orthodontics, we offer free consultations so you can be sure you’re making the right treatment decisions.  Contact us today or visit our offices in Naperville or Algonquin for more information. 

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