Frequently Asked Braces Questions

Q: Can braces change your jawline or face at all?

A: Yes, in a good way! Braces contribute to the realignment of the jaw by fixing underbites, overbites and correcting tooth alignment. When the teeth fit together well, the lips and soft tissue are in better balance. More significant orthodontic problems can also be the result of skeletal asymmetries or an imbalance in the position of the skeletal foundation of the teeth. Straightening your teeth in combination with Dentofacial Orthopedics or Orthognathic Surgery can enhance the appearance of cheekbones and jawlines by restoring skeletal balance and creating a more natural appearance.

Q: How do braces change your smile?

A: Orthodontics can improve the alignment of your teeth and how they fit together. Naturally, this subtle shift improves both the look of your teeth and the comfort of your bite. But for dramatic enhancement of your smile, it’s important to have your teeth centered symmetrically within the frame of your lips. Proper positioning in all three dimensions can help display more teeth when you show off your pearly whites and dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your smile. You may also discover a newfound confidence in your big, beautiful smile once you’re finished. 

Q: Do braces make your teeth bigger?

A: No. Braces merely align the teeth properly and work to create a healthy bite, but they do not have any effect on the size of your teeth. Creating or restoring normal tooth size and shape is very important to creating symmetry and beauty. If you’re looking to reshape or resize your teeth, or simply want to restore length to worn or chipped teeth, the addition of dental composites or veneers may be the best option for you. This can often be done in combination with orthodontics and re-shaping of your natural teeth. 

Q: What will my teeth look like after braces?

A: Every patient is different and requires different levels of care. While we can’t show you your future self, we can show you some before & after shots of our other patients for reference. Click here for some photos.

Q: What’s the ideal age for getting braces?

A: Normally, treatment is divided into two distinct phases, early interventional treatment, and comprehensive treatment. The goal of early treatment is to correct alterations in normal growth and eruption of the teeth and typically begins between ages 7 and 9. Comprehensive treatment involves all of the adult teeth with the goal of ideal alignment, bite correction, AND excellent smile esthetics. That being said, there is no age limit for braces. Adults whose teeth have shifted or worn with age often seek braces or other subtler alternatives like Invisalign or clear braces to restore alignment and normal tooth form.

Q: How long does braces treatment last?

A: The average treatment time for wearing braces is 12-24 months from start to finish. However, this is just an average and the real time depends entirely on the difficulty of the case and patient cooperation. You may find that you need to wear them for more or less time, depending on the amount of correction needed and your cooperation with treatment recommendations.