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Braces and Gingivitis

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The road to a beautifully straight smile using braces can be filled with roadblocks. One challenge is maintaining an effective dental hygiene routine. When it comes to brushing and flossing, braces can make it more difficult to clean your teeth thoroughly. If plaque isn’t removed every day, it creates a sticky film that produces bacteria and can lead to gingivitis, a minor gum disease. Anyone can develop gingivitis, not just people wearing braces. In fact, more than 75 percent of Americans over 35 are affected by gum disease. …

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SAP, VIP, And Your Smile

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Orthodontics as a profession is always in pursuit of the perfect smile. Orthodontists like Dr. Frey are continually learning more about what goes into creating a beautifully aligned, esthetically pleasing, fully functioning smile for patients. In recent years, there has been a shift within orthodontics, with less emphasis on the dental and skeletal components and more focus on the soft tissue aspects. This allows orthodontists to create more natural esthetics for a patient by giving careful consideration to the entire package, as it were; taking into account the …

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What Are the Benefits of Braces Besides Straight Teeth

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Many people choose braces for the obvious benefit of having a beautiful smile. A great smile can do wonders for self-esteem, which is a tremendous benefit for children and adults alike. Here at Frey Orthodontics, we specialize in straightening smiles. However, aesthetics is not the only reason you should fix poorly aligned teeth. There are numerous other benefits of braces that are not cosmetic in nature, and we put together this guide to share them. But first, we should take a look at what braces are and how …

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What Is A Waterpik And How Does It Work?

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Taking good care of your teeth can sometimes be challenging when you have braces, and here at Frey Orthodontics, we believe that an excellent oral hygiene routine is a big part of successful treatment. Good dental hygiene is always important, but it is especially critical during orthodontic treatment. Without it, plaque and food can accumulate around your braces, forming bacteria and leading to unsightly white marks, cavities, or even gum disease. Brushing and flossing regularly and effectively is essential for avoiding complications, but flossing can be tricky at …

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Orthodontic Options For All Ages

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We often have parents ask about orthodontic treatment for tweens and teens, as this is our most visible patient population. It may come as a surprise, but orthodontics can benefit children and adults as well! A beautifully aligned, fully functioning smile can be achieved for patients of all ages through the kind of quality orthodontic care we offer at Frey Orthodontics. Whether you are interested in learning more about early treatment for your child, braces for your teen, or orthodontics for you as an adult, we have got …