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Best Dental Hygiene For Braces

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Did you know that as an orthodontic patient with Frey Orthodontics, you play a key part in the success of your treatment? In fact, the entire orthodontic experience is a team effort that includes you, our team, and your general dentist. All of us working together will give you a beautiful smile and improved oral health at the end of the treatment process! One of the most important things you can do to ensure the best results is maintain a good oral hygiene routine. This is one of …

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Wisdom Teeth And Braces

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When orthodontic treatment is on the table, it tends to come with a list of questions and concerns a mile long. Will having braces hurt? How long will treatment last? How often are follow-up appointments? Are there any restrictions on food? What about physical activity like sports? How much will braces cost? There’s a lot to think about and consider before getting braces! The good news is, you’ll grow much more familiar with your teeth and all the amazing things they’re capable of as time goes on. You’ll …

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The History Of Braces

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When you think about braces, what’s the picture you see in your mind? Chances are it involves shiny metal brackets, complicated wires, and elastic bands placed in various configurations. It’s easy to think orthodontics is a thoroughly modern affair, particularly when you consider how high-tech it tends to be these days. However, humans have been trying to straighten their smiles for thousands of years. Thanks to archaeological finds and ancient writings, we know those primitive versions of orthodontic treatment, and we do mean primitive – some of the …

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Two-Phase Treatment

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The phrase “timing is everything” is relevant in a lot of situations, including planning orthodontic treatment for your children. It can be overwhelming to try and anticipate if, when, what kind of help your child will need to keep their smile straight and their mouths fully functioning. With a wealth of information available on the subject, it is easy to get confused by so much well-meaning advice, but this does not have to be a stressful experience! Frey Orthodontics would love to give you a better understanding of …

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Invisalign For Teens

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For teens today, “off” days do not really exist. As the most visible generation ever, most have multiple social media accounts and a camera roll full of practiced selfies. Although it is practically a rite of passage at this point, sharing so much so often can sometimes get a little overwhelming. That feeling can be amplified if a teen feels their smile is less than perfect. Here at Frey Orthodontics, we see the unique inner and outer beauty of every patient, but we also know what a good …